Investing in Kosovo provides free access to a market of 650 million customers, through three multilateral agreements:

  • The Stabilization and Association Agreement (SAA): The SAA establishes an area of free trade and is designed to integrate Kosovo into the EU’s single market. The SAA contains provisions on European standards on state aid, intellectual property rights and competition.
  • The Central European Free Trade Agreement (CEFTA): The CEFTA enables producers to access the regional market comprising of 28 million consumers, free of any customs duties. In 2012 the total export with CEFTA members from Kosovo was 102.6 million and import 844.6 million;
  • The EU Autonomous Trade Preference Regime: Kosovo benefits from nonreciprocal, duty-free trade to the EU market based on the EU Autonomous Trade Preference Regime EU Council Resolution (ATP) (2007/2000). In 2012 the total export to EU was 107.4 million and import 978.1 million.

Furthermore, Kosovo enjoys duty-free trade to the US market, a free trade agreement with Turkey and trade connections with Japan and Norway.



Kosovo Investment and Enterprise Support Agency