Macedonia has had a history of auto component manufacturing. In the recent privatization process, a number of companies have been bought by overseas investors and continue to produce a range of components for cars, buses, trucks and locomotives.

Existing component manufacturers in Macedonia supply the European, Russian, Turkish and African markets, amongst others. Investors in Macedonia can freely export to a market of over 650 million people. The automotive industry in these markets is particularly buoyant as global players over the last ten years have invested over €20 billion in car manufacturing in Central and Eastern Europe alone, and further investment is anticipated.

Macedonia offers a particularly cost – competitive operating environment for auto component manufacturing. The labor force is well educated, flexible and has a strong work ethic. The educational system is willing to collaborate with incoming investors in finding ways to meet their skills needs, as demonstrated by one of the major universities training 165 students in Java and C++ in anticipation of the needs of Johnson Controls, which has constructed a $40 million facility outside Skopje to manufacture electronic automotive components.

For more information about automotive components sector in Macedonia, please refer to the following sector study – Automotive Components Sector in Macedonia.

*Source: InvestInMacedonia

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