Kosovo is well-endowed in agricultural land. Out of a total surface area of 1.1 million hectares approximately slightly more than half is agricultural land with fertile, nutrient-rich soils. Agriculture is the main source of income for the majority of the population. The agribusiness and food processing sector is traditionally one of the strongest sectors in Kosovo’s economy.

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Information and Communication Technology (Business Process Outsourcing and Customer Support)

The Information and Communication Technology sector in Kosovo has undergone a rapid development since the beginning of the new millennium. The sector consists of relatively young companies (most of them incorporated after 1999) and with predominantly small businesses with less than 20 employees.

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Mining and Energy

At 14.7 million tonnes, Kosovo possesses the world fifth-largest proven reserves of lignite. Reserves of this mineral, supplying around 97 percent of the total energy generation in Kosovo, are estimated to last for 650 years at the current pace of extraction.

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Wood and Metal Processing

Forests and related area cover approximately 39 percent of the total surface of Kosovo and represent an important resource: with an annual value of wooden products and other benefits produced by forests reaching 50-75 million Euro, this sector represents a livelihood for 10 percent of the Kosovar population.

The metal processing sector is characterised by a small group of large firms, once part of a traditional industry that was developed when Kosovo was part of the former Yugoslavia. Almost all businesses are privately owned.

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Several other economic sectors in Kosovo have the potential for further development to be able to compete with the regional market: the automotive industry (automotive components), construction, decorative stone, textile and leather, and tourism.

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