Macedonia has introduced a ONE – STOP – SHOP SYSTEM that enables investors to register their businesses after 4 hours of submitting on application (in practice, it might take 1-2 business days). One can register a company in Macedonia by visiting one office, obtaining the information from a single place, and addressing one employee. This significantly reduces administrative barriers and start – up costs.

The current Company Law is effective since 2004. The amendment to the Company Law in 2005 facilitated the start of the Central Register at the beginning of 2006, as the body authorized to perform all company registrations and the institution to maintain the all companies Trade Register. This is the primary law regulating business activity in Macedonia.  It defines the types of companies, procedures and regulations for their establishment and operations. As all foreign investors are granted the same rights and privileges as Macedonian nationals, they are entitled to establish and operate all types of self – owned private companies or joint-stock companies. Foreign investors are not required to obtain special permission from state – authorized institutions, other than what is customarily required by law. Under the Company Law, companies are formed as separate legal entities that operate independently and are distinct from their founders, shareholders and managers. Depending on the type, companies have their own rights, liabilities, names and registered offices. The law defines five forms of companies: General Partnership, Limited Partnership, Limited Liability Company, Joint Stock Company and Limited Partnership by Shares.

For more information: Procedures for registering different kinds of business.

*Source: InvestInMacedonia

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