The Company Law is the primary law regulating business activity in Macedonia. It defines the types of companies, as well as the procedures and regulations for their establishment and operations. Foreign investors receive the same treatment as local companies and therefore do not need any special approvals.

Under the Company Law, trade companies are formed as separate legal entities that operate independently and are distinct from their founders, shareholders, and managers. Depending on the type, trade companies have their own rights, liabilities, names, and registered offices. The law defines five forms of trade companies: public trade (general partnership), limited partnership, Limited Liability Company, Joint Stock Company, and limited partnership by shares.

The legal framework includes the One – Stop – Shop system that aims to tackle some of the administrative barriers of entry into the business life in Macedonia. According to the Law of the One – Stop – Shop system, all types of trade companies are registered within 4 hours of submission. Another important feature of the One – Stop – Shop is the electronic distribution service that allows any potential investor or third party to obtain complete electronic information about the operations of companies in the country.

*Source: InvestInMacedonia

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