“The Macedonian government has been extremely committed and I would like to thank its officials for their work in supporting this effort. I have no doubt that our partnership will yield excellent results for both Johnson Controls and the Skopje community.”

John Barth
Former Chairman and CEO
Johnson Controls

“Johnson Matthey chose Macedonia for its European mega-factory in competition with 13 other countries, including the Czech Republic, Hungary and Slovakia, because of the quality and cheap labor force, government’s incentives regarding the price of the land and taxes, but most of all because of the highly professional and effective approach of the Government.“

Colin Jaffray
Former Director of Strategic Planning
Johnson Matthey

“We are satisfied from the support provided by the Macedonian Government, its institutions. The decision for investment in Macedonia represents an important step in our expansion as part of the strategy for international output”.

Martin Passern
Managing Director
Kromberg & Schubert

“We believe that this factory will make us more competent on the market, having into consideration the fact that we would expand on European markets. The location is excellent and since we are close to the airport we can bring the clients here so they can personally see and make sure of our production“.

Per-Olof Loof
CEO and Director
Kemet Corporation

“People ask me why investing in Macedonia. Why not investing in the world centers of growth like India and China? Well, this is one of the centers of growth in the world. It has a history of connecting different worlds, the east and the west and now, Europe and USA. I am convinced that this investment will be successful.”

Filip van Hool
Executive Director
Van Hool

“The decision to invest in Macedonia is a very important step of the strategy for international growth. We are satisfied with the support of the Macedonian Government, its’ institutions, and the cabinet of Minister Vele Samak.”

Karl Wallner
Board of Directors

“The Group investigated several investment destinations in Eastern Europe and quickly concluded that Macedonia was the best destination. In Macedonia we found a forward looking culture, an excellent workforce with a true ‘can do’ attitude and great ICT skills. This coupled with the command of the English language made Macedonia a natural choice for us”.

Ivan Bartolo
6PM Group

“In spite of its small size and modest domestic market, the country presents a number of truly remarkable advantages for potential investors such as a highly liberated foreign trade policy supported by various bilateral agreements, a stable monetary environment , a very favorable tax environment regarding the corporate income tax rates as well as a highly-qualified workforce offering a most competitive labor cost advantage; last but not least worth mentioning the geographical position of the country at the crossroads of two major pan-European transportation corridors. All the above have a strong fit with the Heineken’s strategy of developing a synergy-oriented business platform that enables improved competitiveness in a global environment of constantly increasing price and margin pressures.”

Jean Francois van Boxmeer
Chairman of Executive Board / CEO
Heineken NV

“We picked Macedonia as an investment destination due to the benefits the Government offered to foreign investors, and the country’s strategic position and proximity to eastern markets and Russia, where we plan to export the entire range of products.”

Andrea Vitillo
Vitillo Group

*Source: InvestInMacedonia

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