Automotive Industry (Automotive Components)

Macedonia has had a history of auto component manufacturing. In the recent privatization process, a number of companies have been bought by overseas investors and continue to produce a range of components for cars, buses, trucks and locomotives.
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Information and Communications Technology

Macedonia has an excellent supply of well – educated IT experts at among the lowest labor costs in the region. Some 500 IT graduates are produced annually in the Universities. A software engineer with 1 to 2 years of experience costs from €500 to €600 net per month.
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Agribusiness and Food Processing Industry

The agribusiness and food processing sector is traditionally one of the strongest sectors of Macedonia’s economy. Macedonia’s EU accession process will involve substantial technical assistance and investment support funds dedicated to the sector.
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Other Sectors

In Republic of Macedonia are operating several sectors with a great potential for further develoment: Ccothing, textiles and leather; tourism; metals and metal products; mineral resources; energy sector; construction; tobacco and cigarettes.
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