When starting and running your business in the Netherlands there are rules and obligations you have to observe. In some cases you will have to register your business at the Dutch Chamber of Commerce or the Dutch Tax and Customs Administration. You may also need permits and licences to be able to render your service and there may be certain professional requirements you will have to fulfil.

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Licenses, Permits and Qualifications

To be able to start your business in the Netherlands, in many cases you will need specific licenses and permits. For instance, you will need a permit for all activities with regard to building, renovation and environment.
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Trade Register and Tax Administration

If you set up a business in the Netherlands, you must have it registered with the Trade Register of the Chamber of Commerce (Kamer van Koophandel, KvK).
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How to Register?

When you start up a one – man business, general partnership (vof), limited partnership (cv) or a partnership (maatschap), in most cases you must register in person at the office of the Chamber of Commerce (Dutch) for the area where your business is located.
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Foreign Company Registration

If you are a foreign company with a Dutch branch (permanent establishment), you must be registered in the Trade Register.
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Registration Dutch Tax and Customs Administration

Registration with the Dutch Tax and Customs Administration happens automatically when you enter your business in the Trade Register. The latter is necessary if your company has a permanent establishment in the Netherlands.
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Are you a start up?

Ranked No. 5 on the 2014 Global Innovation Index, the Netherlands is home to more than 10 leading innovation hubs, where start-ups benefit from world-class incubators and R&D facilities.
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