“We chose the Netherlands because of its central geographical location, its superb infrastructure, and its business-friendly tax structure. In addition, the presence of AMS-IX, the largest Internet exchange in Europe, makes Amsterdam an important hub for the networks serving the continent. We are known as the gateway of Europe.”

Michiel Eielts
Managing Director

“The Netherlands had several important advantages to offer. In the first place, the Netherlands has a relatively favourable commercial climate. But in addition to that, the colocation market is better developed here than in other European countries. Finally, the fact that practically all the large carriers have a location in the Netherlands was a major factor in our decision.”

Eric Lisica
VP of Data Center Services Europe

“The Netherlands offers a number of clear advantages for a growing international organization. These include a high level of education and in-depth technical knowledge, linguistic aptitude and the multinational trade spirit of the Dutch.”

Ulrika Carlsson
Director of Finance
Cisco Systems

“From our research we understood that Netherlands was one of the key countries where many international companies have settled their headquarters and logistics. It’s a centralized location within the European community. Among other advantages, the Netherlands workforce is multi-lingual which is a key component in effective communication with the employees in the various retail locations throughout Europe, as well as ensuring that we provide quality service to our e-commerce customers as we continue to build our customer base in Europe. In making this decision we were of course mindful of the benefits offered by the Netherlands in the areas of duties, taxes and other business matters.”

Young Kwon
General Counsel
Forever 21

“We have been very successful developing software here in the Netherlands. It’s a significant competitive advantage for us and for our clients. We did consider other locations within the Netherlands, but we’re well positioned for growth in the Eindhoven area. There’s no better place for logistics than the Netherlands.”

Neil Bird
Managing Director
FedEx Supply Chain Services

“Many large telecom operators have their operations based here, and Huawei likes to be close to its biggest clients.”

Richard Spaans
Communications & Public Affairs Manager
Huawei Technologies

“Because of the proximity of Schiphol airport and the Rotterdam harbour, the Netherlands is in fact the gateway to Europe. We have therefore expanded the distribution function here and we now also distribute products manufactured at other locations, as well as the products manufactured here in Tilburg. An important consideration for choosing the Netherlands was, amongst other things, the presence of clean water and clean air. Our production processes are very sensitive and require high-quality water and air.”

Peter Struik

“An important consideration for us was that the Amsterdam Metropolitan Area boasts one of the most modern airports in the world. Many of our potential customers pass through Amsterdam Airport Schiphol almost every week. Other advantages are the direct access Schiphol gives us to just about every destination we fly to on a regular basis and the fact there is no time difference with Africa and the Middle East.”

Akinori Kojima
Mitsubishi Aircraft Corporation

“As a large foreign company, it is not easy to quickly find your way in a new country. From the beginning onwards, NFIA has supported and guided us with, and helped us find our way around, the various governmental institutions with which we were confronted. The NFIA is a true partner that not only advises us, but also thinks proactively along with us.”

Simona Maassen
Manager Public Affairs

“There were various motives at the time for this choice. Generally speaking, its favourable labour climate argued in favour of the Netherlands, which also boasts a large English-speaking population. Additional benefits of Brabant and Breda included logistics, such as excellent infrastructure and the proximity of major international carriers, its location between the ports of Rotterdam and Antwerp, and the proximity of various major airports such as Amsterdam, Brussels, Cologne and Dusseldorf.”

Jan Bouman
Executive Director Site Operations

“Given the innovative nature of our business model, Amsterdam was a perfect match in every way. The eclectic mix of cultures and nationalities in this city makes it a world-class hub of creative talent, and that’s essential for a company like ours. Besides, Amsterdam’s remarkable and unique character attracts particular types of clients who are open-minded and willing to consider innovative concepts, which are exactly the type of clients we like to work with. When choosing where to open our European hub, we did look at other European cities, including Berlin. But as far as we’re concerned, there’s simply no other European city that can match what Amsterdam has to offer.”

Hazelle Klønhammer
President & Partner

“The Netherlands has a lot to offer to companies wanting to set up business there, such as its central location in Europe, excellent infrastructure and presence of seaports and airports, all of which are essential to the global company that Chemtura is. Another important factor was that we already owned a factory at the site in the Western Port area of Amsterdam.”

Gerard Peereboom
Manufacturing Director

“Netherlands offers a favourable business climate. And the people are straightforward, hardworking, and transparent. We find it an attractive place to do business, and are proud of the business our team from the Netherlands has created.”

Mitchell Lewis
Euramax International, Inc.

“The main reason we chose the Netherlands was the convenient shipping to the rest of Europe. Secondly, there are many high quality workers, and the Dutch speak and understand English fluently. Other reasons include the stable political situation, a healthy growing economy, and the low crime rate.”

Yuzaburo Mogi
Honorary CEO and Chairman of the Board

“Although the Netherlands is known as a hub for transportation, I say, with their long history of involvement in technology, it is a hub for R&D based technology development. The Netherlands is a springboard for any Turkish company that would like to be a global player. We’ve been working with NFIA since the very first moment we considered investing in the Netherlands, so it feels like the NFIA is working as if they are a part of our company.”

Cem Bozkurt

“The Netherlands has an extensive knowledge infrastructure in the area of nutrition and health, and many prominent international players in the care industry have a branch here. These were deciding factors for us when we were examining the Netherlands as a potential country in which to establish ourselves.”

Hanno Cappon
Medical Nutrition’s VP of R&D
Nutricia Research

“We chose the Netherlands partly because we already had a close relationship with our joint venture partner near Arnhem, which is a great location from a logistics point of view. But also because our research concluded that the Dutch business environment is competitive and flexible, with financial incentives that make the Netherlands a very appealing location.”

Geoff Taylor
Director of Client Services

“The Netherlands has the infrastructure and scale to enable businesses to maximise the benefit of the technology and solutions currently available. The density of broadband is high; the world’s busiest internet hub is located there. Moreover, the average user of telecom and digital services in the Netherlands is very receptive to new developments and innovations.”

Fedor Hoevenaars
Country Leader

*Source: NFIA

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