The Netherlands provides a strategic location to serve markets within Europe, the Middle East and Africa. The central geographical position of the Netherlands, combined with accessibility and an excellent infrastructure, are only some of the reasons why numerous European, American and Asian companies have established their facilities in the Netherlands.

Driven by world-class seaports and airports, an extensive network of roads and rail, and a 100% digital telecommunications network that ranks among the world’s best for quality, speed and reliability,
Holland’s infrastructure is one of the best on the planet.

The Netherlands’ dense, high-quality infrastructure offers fast connections no matter how or where you and your products or services are traveling. And with access to 160 million consumers within 24 hours of Amsterdam or Rotterdam, companies that choose the Netherlands have the perfect springboard into the European market.

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Business climate advantages:

Competitive Fiscal Climate

A Hotbed for High-tech innovation

International Business Environment

Solid Workforce

Attractive Quality of Life

Holland in numbers:

Facts and Figures

Did You Know?

Worldwide Ranking’s

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