Kosovo Investment and Enterprise Support Agency

The Kosovo Investment and Enterprise Support Agency (KIESA) is a government institution operating under the Ministry of Trade and Industry. KIESA is responsible for the protection and promotion of foreign and local investments, the development of enterprises operating in Kosovo and the establishment of free economic zones.

Additionally, KIESA offers several services to foreign investors, including:

  • Advice and support to obtain all necessary approvals for a business start-up;
  • The identification of suitable property options to accommodate one’s business (including several business parks and business incubators belonging to KIESA);
  • Provision of information on potential partners and projects for collaboration;
  • Provision of industry specific information;
  • Provision of advice and support to export out of Kosovo;
  • Subsidies for professional consulting services up to 80 percent;
  • After-care service.

 Economic Initiative for Kosovo

The Economic Initiative for Kosovo (ECIKS) is a non-profit organisation established in April 2003, in Vienna, Austria. Its mission is to support the economic development of Kosovo by promoting and facilitating foreign investments, supporting the SME-Sector and developing economic policies and strategies for Kosovo.

ECIKS is an acknowledged partner of Kosovar and foreign institutions in researching and developing economic policies and strategies for Kosovo. Services ECIKS offers include:

  • Economic studies and analyses;
  • Market research and analyses;
  • Research and exploration of investment opportunities;
  • Studies and research on the business and legal environment;
  • Identification of reliable Business Partners
  • Support in mergers & acquisitions
  • Support in the process of privatisation
  • Business development and entrepreneurship consulting services;
  • Legal consulting and legal services;
  • Management training for enterprises.

For more information visit the websites of KIESA and ECIKS to learn more about the business climate and investment opportunities in Kosovo as well as the diverse services both organisations offer.

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