Kosovo is a lower-middle income country that has shown significant progress in transitioning to a market-based system and maintaining macroeconomic stability over the last decade. Since its independence in 2008, donor support by the international community is slowly decreasing. The Kosovo government prioritizes the attraction of foreign investments and development of the private sector in Kosovo.

Unemployment in Kosovo has remained consistently high at 35 percent in 2014, but may be overstated based on the existence of a grey market that is not captured by official statistics. Nonetheless, the labour force participation ratio has been increasing, and Kosovo is one of only four countries in Europe that recorded positive growth rates every year during the crisis period 2008–12, averaging 4.5 percent.

Country Kosovo
Area 10.887 km2
Population 1.8 million
Language (official) Albanian, Serbian and English
GDP (real growth rate) 4.1% (2015)
GDP (per capital) 3,277 EUR (2015)
GDP – composition, by end use household consumption: 90.5%
government consumption: 16%
investment in fixed capital: 28.2%
investment in inventories: 3%
exports of goods and services: 18.8%
imports of goods and services: -53.9%
GDP – composition, by sector of origin agriculture: 12.9%
industry: 22.6%
services: 64.5%
Industries Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) and Customer Support Centres, Agribusiness (Food Processing and Packaging), Mining and Energy, Textile and Leather, Wood and Metal Processing, Construction Materials, Decorative Stone, Beverage production, Automotive Industry (Automotive Components), Tourism
Labour force 442,716 (2015)
Unemployment rate (%) 32.93% (2015)
Inflation rate (%) 0.2 (2016)


For useful statistical information and publications on the business environment in Kosovo and social and economic data, please visit the Kosovo Investment and Enterprise Support Agency (KIEDS) webpage.

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